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About Tifiny Swedensky and Sharp Cookie, LLC

My marketing journey started just after college. I found a job working as a marketing assistant, and though I went to college for communications and marketing, I wasn’t sure how to get started.

I started Sharp Cookie, LLC because most businesses are a few “digital revolutions” away from getting more clients and customers. As a marketing consultant, I’ve personally witnessed companies transform after getting more traffic, investing in the right marketing, and optimizing their funnels.

James Abrenio, an attorney and friend of mine, interviewed me on his local
podcast to talk about women in tech.

The first company I worked for invested in my training. They needed someone who could help with their digital properties (at the time, I taught myself the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript), and I was committed to cracking the code on all this marketing stuff.

The training course taught me direct response marketing. For the unindoctrinated, direct response marketing is a method of making more sales with highly-targeted and easily tracked marketing. This marketing style typically uses long-form sales pages, multiple offers within a funnel, and direct response style marketing focuses on return on investment.

After completing the training course, I developed a deep love of marketing tracking. I fully believed (and I still do) that effective marketing is a process of creation then refinement. I committed myself to market by the numbers. When it is within my power, I create marketing that is easily tracked.

Almost a decade later I am still marketing and still killing it! I’ve been a digital marketing manager, marketing director, and marketing consultant/coach. I’ve brought a variety of marketing campaigns to completion, including print and referral marketing campaigns. But, by far my favorite type of marketing is digital marketing.

Presenting on pay-per-click marketing to a group of entrepreneurial attorneys at the Great Legal Marketing Summit.

How Sharp Cookie Can Help Your Business

The biggest benefit I provide my clients is transparency. Most digital marketing vendors are like the Wizard of Oz, they want you to be dazzled by their tricks while hiding behind a curtain of misdirection. These digital marketing companies flat-out fail when it comes to the #1 most important part of account-based marketing: communication.

My clients know that I do much more than provide services. I educate and teach along the way. You will never be in the dark about your digital marketing. When you talk about the marketing systems and campaigns I create for your business, your peers will beg you to tell them your secrets!

Sharp Cookie can help you with your website, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, marketing automation, email marketing, and much more! Use the button below to schedule a consult about your digital marketing!