Increasing Social Media Engagement for Your Small Business

Social Media Engagement for Your Small Business

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Are you struggling to get responses for your social media posts? You are not alone. Most small businesses have very little, if any engagement. Getting more Facebook “likes” or Twitter subscribers doesn’t always help either. Crafting engaging and shareable social media posts is a combination of variables. To do this, focus on good writing, images, and interesting content.

Why People Engage with Social Media Posts

To increase engagement, you need to understand why people engage on social media. First, try to think about the posts you interact with. For most of us, social media is about the conversation.  We talk and interact with people, and we post hoping our posts are shared with others.

Creating a conversation in your social media posts is easier said than done. It begins with your topics of choice and the message you create for your social media page.

What is Your Social Media Message?

You may be a business, but your social media page doesn’t need to be all commercial. In fact, creating a message beyond your business is beneficial to your content. This is known as brand storytelling.

You can read a dozen articles about why you should use brand storytelling, but few tell you how to do it. Plus, small business don’t hire “data architects” or “creative content directors.” It can seem a little unattainable for small businesses.

Or is it? Brand storytelling doesn’t need to be a grand scheme. Instead, focus on who you are and who your employees are. For example, one of my clients owns a hair salon in the Midwest. When I asked how she connected with her clients, she said she is outdoorsy. Her clients asked about her garden, kayaking, and other outdoor activities.

From this, we created her website and social media strategy around that theme. Her brand story is often about active, beautiful women. No surprise, her audience responded to this.

Dominating with Images and Tagging

Coming back to your core business goal, it is important to display your work on social media. Posting photos of your work on your social media site is great, but likely won’t build engagement on its own. It is unlikely for followers to engage with a photo of a completed project unless:

  • They know the subject of the image
  • The product is interesting, complex, or unique.

One key to getting more engagement on these photographs is by tagging the client on social media. Tagging means adding the client’s name to the post and enabling the person to add it to their timeline. This means their friends and family will see the photo, and naturally they will like and comment on the post. This increases engagement AND acts as word-of-mouth marketing. Your client’s friends will see the image as an endorsement, and recommend your salon.

Keeping It Light: Tug Their Heartstrings and Make ’em Laugh

As I mentioned above, you don’t need to be 100% business on social media. Funny images and uplifting videos are great pallet cleansers on social media. In fact, people expect to see a certain amount of fluff in your social media posts. Don’t be afraid to share something that is not related to your business and has an emotional impact.

Look at what other industries are posting on social media. Big brands often post seemly irrelevant things to amuse their audience. This entertains your followers, and sometimes they forget they are following a business.

Live Videos and Tutorials

Live videos are growing in use and popularity on social media. You can use live videos in your own business to show projects in progress, or behind the scenes content. This style of social media post will make clients more familiar with your business. Videos can create an emotional connection, and clients will feel more comfortable with your services.

People also like tutorials. How-to videos are great content for social media, and they will make customers used to your style.

Engagement to AVOID on Social Media

What your grandparents taught you as a child still applies today. You should treat people with respect and dignity. We have all seen the ugly side of social media, and it should be obvious which conversations to avoid.

Typically, you should avoid posting about:

  • Politics
  • Local or national gossip
  • Talking about things you hate (keep it positive)
  • Personal drama or family issues
  • Religion

The only exception is religion. If your clients share a belief system, there is no harm posting about your faith.

If you receive negative feedback from clients or former employees, address it when needed. Avoid engaging in long conversations that are unproductive.

You should also avoid responding to trolls. If your engagement increases, you should expect a few haters. The best thing to do is ignore them. If they become a pest, you can ban them from your page.

Finally… Let Your Hair Down and Have Fun

Social media doesn’t need to be stressful. You are allowed to have fun, even on your business page. Encourage and take part in conversations, but don’t let it dominate your valuable time. Remember, social media is great, but it shouldn’t be your only marketing plan.

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