Do Facebook Page Likes Matter?

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Facebook has dominated social media marketing for more than a decade now, and we are still acclimating to the effects of this platform. There are a lot of unanswered questions about how small businesses can monetize this platform. A few companies have mastered the art of content marketing and brand storytelling, but smaller businesses without a vast marketing budget still struggle.

In January 2018, Facebook announced changes to its algorithm. This announcement has left a lot of businesses panicking, fearing their organic social media rankings will go down the tubes. These fears are justified, yet the panic is overblown. This situation brings up another question, do Facebook page likes matter? Even deeper, does Facebook matter at all for businesses?

Facebook Page Likes Are a Risky Game

Getting a boatload of page likes is not hard at all. In fact, you could probably get 10,000 page likes within a month if you have $100 to spend. However, getting page likes this way carries massive risk.

Throwing money at Facebook to get page likes is a surefire way of getting a massive amount of spam likes. You will be getting a lot of likes from accounts who will never interact with your page. A high number of page likes, and a low amount of engagement will result in Facebook demoting your page.

Ideally, you should have engagement on your posts that correlates with the number of page likes you have. A page with 100 likes and 20 people engaged will perform better than a page with 1000 likes and 20 people engaged.

Many social media gurus will happily sell you a “program” designed to get you hundreds of page likes immediately. They typically do this using engagement bait and mining accounts from out of the country. These tactics are “black hat” marketing tactics, and should be avoided.

Should You Avoid Page Likes Altogether?

If you are interested in creating an active Facebook page, page likes can be beneficial. However, it will require careful targeting and a willingness to participate and engage your audience. This will require creating interesting content and attractive ads.

This is not an easy task, but having great content and a growing base of followers will mean a lot of success on social media. The more you can automate this process, the better.

When you decide to set up a page like campaign, make sure you target the right people. You can do some Facebook retargeting to focus on people who have visited your website. Or, you can upload your current list to Facebook and target them for page likes. These tactics will yield you high-value page likes and a prepped audience.

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