About Our Digital Marketing Management Program

Elevate Your Law Firm's Digital Marketing with Executive Oversight by Sharp Cookie

Are you tired of juggling multiple tech vendors? Frustrated by the lack of progress with your current SEO and PPC strategies? It’s time for a change. Welcome to Sharp Cookie, where we revolutionize the way law firms approach digital marketing. Designed specifically for busy law firm owners, our program is the executive oversight you’ve been seeking, streamlining your digital efforts and driving decisive, impactful results.

Introducing Sharp Cookie's Digital Marketing Management Program

With Sharp Cookie, forget the endless cycle of vendor meetings and mixed messages. Our comprehensive program is tailored to law firm owners who demand excellence and efficiency from their digital marketing initiatives.

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In the First 30 Days: Setting the Stage for Success

From day one, we establish a robust foundation to align your marketing efforts with your firm’s goals:
  • Unified Project Management System: We consolidate all your marketing activities into a single, efficient system, cutting through the clutter and setting clear priorities.
  • Executive-Level KPI Dashboard: Get real-time insights with an executive dashboard that tracks the progress and performance of your marketing strategy.
  • SEO and Local Search Mastery: With detailed keyword and local search reports, understand exactly how your firm is positioned in the digital landscape.
  • Social Media and PPC Insights: Our dashboards provide a clear overview of your paid efforts, ensuring every dollar spent contributes to your firm’s growth.

The First 60 Days: Optimization and Growth

We then shift gears to optimization, with a focus on making your digital presence impossible to ignore:

  • Google Business Optimization: Elevate your firm’s local visibility and credibility seamlessly.
  • GA4 Customization: Forget one-size-fits-all analytics. We customize GA4 to monitor what truly matters to your firm, supporting informed decision-making.

Continuous Executive Oversight: Your Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Strategy

Weekly Check-Ins
Each week, we monitor core KPIs and work closely with vendors, ensuring your digital marketing machine is always running smoothly.

Monthly Deep-Dives
Once a month, we’ll take a granular look at your marketing efforts, from vendor performance to the efficacy of your online funnels, ensuring ongoing optimization and refinement.

Quarterly Strategy Sessions
Every quarter, we draw up new digital marketing plans and conduct thorough budget and keyword analyses, positioning your firm for sustained growth and success.

Ready to Take Control?

If you’re ready to stop wasting time with underperforming SEO companies and PPC vendors, and want expert oversight to streamline your digital marketing decisions, Sharp Cookie is your solution.

Contact us today to transform your law firm’s digital marketing strategy and start seeing real, impactful results.

Sharp Cookie: Where Expertise Meets Efficiency in Law Firm Digital Marketing.

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