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Website Optimization

Websites are the new “front door” to your business. They are a hub for all your clients, customers, and even your leads. A website must meet the needs of someone looking for more information, someone else looking for resources, and, finally, the person deciding to become a client/customer.

Launching your website is the first step to better online marketing, but too many businesses stop there. They stick with “draft 1” of their website because it’s too expensive or time-consuming to rebuild, even if they know the website isn’t working.

It is not always clear how to proceed with a broken website. Your web vendors may offer some advice, but you don’t know if their advice will work for your business (or worse, the web vendors have no idea how to make a website that attracts leads.)

As a full-stack web developer, I’ve worked on all kinds of websites from many different industries. For each business, I focused on the only metric that mattered, conversions. I brought my unique experience as a marketer and a web developer, so I knew WHAT needed to be done and HOW to do it.

Below you will read the real stories of my website clients. These are actual results my clients achieved!

From Landing Pages to Websites

In 2015, Great Legal Marketing made most of their sales from single-use web pages. The company’s two main offers were for the Great Legal Marketing Summit and their Practice Power Tools program. For several years I maintained the landing pages for these offers (and many others.) After several upgrades to the landing pages, the company decided to build out unique websites for each offer.

Each website was designed to fit within Great Legal Marketing’s larger marketing message, but also have their own “mini brands.” The Practice Power Tools website eventually became, a one-stop website for all GLM programs.

The Summit (the company’s flagship event), also got it’s own website with a main registration page, vendor hub, and resources pages.

For these websites (and other landing pages and sales pages), I focused on increasing visits, clicks, and ultimately conversions. My landing pages, sales pages, and websites at Great Legal Marketing have generated many hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for the company.

From DIY WordPress Site to Major Blog/Travel Hub

In 2016, I decided to take up freelance web development part-time to build my professional portfolio. One of my first contracts was working with a New Zealand-based travel company called Minimalist Journeys. The company had a small website built by it’s founder, and they wanted to upgrade the website and connect it with their CRM, MailChimp.

Over the next few weeks, I redesigned their website and upgraded its mobile-responsiveness. I also helped the company craft a lead generation offer to help grow their email list and following.

One major upgrade I made to their marketing was creating an automatic email newsletter that was generated based on their recent blog postings. This email newsletter was sent automatically each week. For years, their email newsletter ran automatically with only small cosmetic upgrades.

From Mangled Website to Lead Generation Machine

This law firm website had been worked on by dozens of web vendors over the years, and as a result the site was a bloated mess. There were many pages competing for the same keyword, outdated content pages, and broken website forms galore.

With the help of an SEO vendor, I created a plan to update or remove most of the website pages. We also started working on a website structure that would include many “geo-hubs” to capture local SEO traffic.

I also found and updated all the broken web forms on the site. Within hours of updating these forms and marketing funnels, new leads started downloading the law firm’s books and resources.