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Membership Websites

While working as a marketing director for a coaching/consulting business, I built 5+ membership websites using various tools. When I started with Great Legal Marketing in 2015, it became my responsibility to maintain and upgrade their membership sites. I took their existing membership website (built on an old but functional platform) and revamped it for aesthetics and usability. - Great Legal Marketing Membership Website

The Great Legal Marketing membership website has been a staple of the company’s membership groups for many years. This site started as a CustomerHub website, but it was in dire need of an upgrade when I started with the company.

I moved the website to WordPress and used the OptimizePress plugin to create a membership website. This first “new” version of the membership website hosted much more content than its predecessor and had a more attractive design.

In 2019, we decided to give the website another upgrade. This time, instead of using OptimizePress we used Memberium and added LearnDash to create courses. Today, the website boasts a wealth of content that includes instructional courses, templates, guides, and other resources.

Coaching.Intake Success - Intake Success System Training Course

In 2021, Great Legal Marketing launched a new program for law firm intake teams. The goal of the program was to offer a training course and live coaching to intake teams to improve the customer service experience for the members of this program.

I developed with WordPress, Memberium, and LearnDash. I created step-by-step training courses using materials provided by the program’s lead coaches, and developed quizzes based on the materials.

I also developed the processes for new customers to get their unique membership logins, add team members to their accounts, and start engaging with the materials.

In addition to the main, I also developed a beta site where potential customers could demo the materials.