Sharp Cookie

Mastermind Coach & Digital Marketing Consultant

I’ve been a digital marketing coach/consultant for over 7 years. My work through Sharp Cookie, Great Legal Marketing, and BenGlassLaw have allowed me to work with many growing businesses, and I am always happy to provide guidance that businesses need to advance their digital marketing.

Great Legal Marketing & Dominate Digital

Great Legal Marketing helps law firms grow their businesses using smart marketing tactics. During my time as marketing director, I have worked to increase Great Legal Marketing’s reach and act as the digital marketing coach for hundreds of small law firms.

As one of the marketing coaches, I created digital marketing courses and programs to help educate small law firms on digital marketing. One of these programs is Dominate Digital. Dominate Digital was designed for law firms who want to DOMINATE in search engine rankings and PPC.

For the Dominate Digital program, I developed training materials, hosted events, and recorded videos to train business owners and their marketing directors on digital marketing.

Additionally, I created content for the company’s website and monthly print publications. As a contributor to the company’s monthly newsletter, I wrote about digital marketing for newsletter subscribers.

Elite Marketing Directors

Elite Marketing Directors is the premier mastermind program/training course for law firm marketing directors. This program was established in 2021 and continues to serve numerous law firm marketing directors throughout the US (including marketing directors of many seven- and eight-figure law firms).

I created the Elite Marketing Directors training program and the membership website. This training program includes a 12-week course, monthly office hour calls, and a bi-annual in-person mastermind where law firm marketing directors gather to explore new ideas and discuss current marketing programs.

As program coach, I led all virtual and in-person events. The three-day intensive includes several presentations on marketing by yours truly, and also hot seats featuring program participants.

This program also includes a membership website designed and developed by me. This membership website is totally automated and also gives participants access to exclusive materials.