Sharp Cookie

Online & Offline Lead Generation

Every business needs new customers in order to grow and succeed. And while there are many ways to get new leads, not all of them are effective or efficient. I have years of experience and a documented track record of success generating leads for all businesses through digital marketing mediums, and I can help you fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

For the unindoctrinated, lead generation is the process of finding and attracting potential customers who may be interested in what you have to offer. It can be done online or offline, through various methods including advertising, networking, and outreach.

My approach to lead generation is the “multi-funnel.” Each customer has a unique journey, and a business but create an omni-presence to capture the most leads from all sources. When I work with businesses, I create and implement many funnels at once to multiply your marketing efforts.

From Zero Website Leads to Dozens Each Day

In this project for Premier Law Group, I was tasked with changing the company’s Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM), to a new company. The company already had several website funnels, but most of these pages were buried deep in the website where no lead could find them. As a result, the company saw no new leads coming into their marketing funnels.

I rebuilt their marketing system on a new CRM and refreshed all their website funnels. This included optimizing several eBook pages, VIP program, claim calculator, and other website offers. I also reorganized the website’s menu and content pages to feature these web funnels prominently.

Within a month, the law firm got a flood of new leads from these funnels, including one personal injury case that signed with the law firm.

From Webinar to Signed Cases

BenGlassLaw published an eBook called GetItSettled in early the early 2010s, and this eBook was well-loved by car accident victims in Virginia. As video took over digital marketing, the law firm wanted to transform their book into a free-to-request webinar.

GetItSettled University was first recorded in 2017 and quickly became a popular feature of the BenGlassLaw website. The webinar was promoted on the website’s homepage, social media, and Google Pay-Per-Click.

This webinar had documented success in attracting and converting law firm clients, and the ROI was estimated to be over 400%. One particular client signed their case with the law firm within hours of watching GetItSettled University!

From "Wrong Number" to Qualified Leads

I was contacted by a medical aesthetics and wellness provider about their Google Pay-Per-Click and Facebook marketing. They weren’t seeing results with the current campaigns, and wanted someone to build new digital marketing campaigns that generated leads.

One issue the client mentioned was that they received a large number of “wrong number” phone calls. The culprit was their old PPC campaign which was targeting the wrong keywords and wasting hundreds of dollars a month.

Within hours I created and implemented a new PPC campaign focused on a tight set of keywords designed to focus on the highest intent searchers. With this campaign, we focused on the higher income brackets to ensure we were reaching the right audience.

The campaign started performing immediately with increased phone calls from the RIGHT callers and mountains of new consults booked on the website.