Sharp Cookie, LLC

Lead Generation & Book Sales

Customer/client leads are the lifeblood of all businesses. In today’s marketing environment, paid ads on social media play a huge part in scaling a business. 

Social media advertising has become more difficult as social media platforms tighten their advertising guidelines. However, by working within these guidelines I have developed systems for generating customer/client leads through social media that is unrivaled in the industry.

Social Media Lead Generation

Early in my career, I developed a process for quickly generating profitable social media ads. My process starts with lead bait, like a free report or webinar, and from there I create ad copy, creatives, and then a marketing funnel that sends new leads down a sales funnel.

One of my top-performing lead generation campaigns is based on the report 7 Strategies for Finding and Attracting Your Ideal Client. This report was written by Charley Mann of Great Legal Marketing, and I was tasked with distributing this report to new potential customers using social media.

Using the content from the report, I created several Facebook ad campaigns to generate new leads with the report as the “lead bait.” These campaigns were hugely successful for the business, generating a return on investment of 946% from the Facebook ad campaign alone.

Website Marketing & Lead Generation

In addition to the many social media campaigns created to promote free books and reports, I also created website funnels that captured new leads from website visitors. These “organic” campaigns were designed to generate new customer leads from the company website.

Using many tactics, I was able to generate 1300+ in new sales leads from website visitors alone. I achieved this using many website marketing tactics, including smart pop-ups and well-placed call-to-actions on website content.