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Great Legal Marketing

Great Legal Marketing’s mission is to help law firm owners build better businesses. They do this through the HERO/ICON group coaching programs and the Accelerated mastermind.

The company’s primary marketing goal was to generate as many attorney leads as possible with the company’s marketing budget. One of the biggest challenges was to keep lead quality high to ensure only potential members were added to the marketing list.

Online Lead Generation

To increase Great Legal Marketing’s reach, I created and implemented dozens of social media ad campaigns. These campaigns offered attorneys a report or book in exchange for their contact information. After the attorney lead requested the marketing materials, they were driven down a custom marketing funnel and then into the general marketing audience.

Great Legal Marketing also generated attorney leads from Google search ads, display ads, and also paid content placement on select websites.

High-Converting Funnels

New leads were brought into a funnel that 1) tracked the origin of each new lead and 2) followed up with the prospect with a series of emails dripped over several days. This custom funnel facilitated the company’s ability to track Return on Investment for each campaign.

The email follow-up in these funnels was refined and optimized over many months of testing. The final product was a set of emails with high open rates and high click rates.

Great Legal Marketing Website

The biggest challenge in optimizing was creating contact that attracted the right audience. Finding content opportunities that aligned with the company goals was tough, but through keyword research, I was able to produce quality content that also converted web traffic into marketing leads.

When the website moved to WordPress in 2022, one of the challenges was making sure the new site adhered to technical SEO best practices. I worked with the site’s web developers to create the best site architecture. After the site was launched, I updated the website for optimal site speed. Within a week of launching the new website, I took the site from a “10” score in PageSpeed Insights to a “98.”