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Fractional CMO

A fractional chief marketing officer, or fractional CMO, is a professional who specializes in marketing. They can help your business by managing your marketing team and leveraging tools to get the best marketing results. Fractional CMOs can be a great option for businesses that don’t have the budget for a full-time CMO or who need help with specific marketing tasks.

What do Fractional CMOs do? They provide measurable results for their clients!

I have worked with dozens of businesses as a marketing consultant and fractional CMO. I specialize in helping businesses grow their market share and reach their target audience. I leverage my years of experience and knowledge to help businesses reach their marketing goals.

Below you will read the real stories from my fractional CMO clients. These are actual results my clients achieved!

From “Marketing with Interns” to a Full-Time Marketing Team

This personal injury law firm had been thriving over the last two years, but they started to see their new leads taper off. I was brought into the firm to help manage a team of four marketing interns with some experience with the firm. To best lead the team, I implemented an EOS-style of managing and meetings.

Within three months, the team had launched several new marketing campaigns, including a client-nature process, a social media content plan, e-newsletters, and an updated intake process.

In addition to these new initiatives, the law firm also wanted to open new office locations to get more customers from Google Business. I created a plan and found office spaces in the targeted cities that met Google’s guidelines. The law firm opened up two new locations and re-affirmed one old listing that was dormant.

In June 2022, the law firm also began the hiring process to build out a full time marketing team. Over two months, I found and interviewed dozens of candidates and eventually hired a new full-time marketing assistant.

The law firm is on the cusp of launching TV ads to their local market, and the law firm is preparing for the huge influx of new leads!

From Vendors Run Amok to Well-Oiled Marketing Machine

This Seattle-based law firm was working with a small network of vendors for all their digital marketing, including Google pay-per-click, social media, and search engine optimization. The firm had seen lackluster results on all three fronts, and brought me into manage their vendors and their in-house intake team.

Within weeks all three teams were put on a regular meeting schedule. We kept the vendor meetings focused on RESULTS. We replaced the PPC vendor and I took over the digital ad accounts, taking our Local Service Ads results from “0” to over 200% return on investment.

There’ve been both improvements in social media and search engine optimization. To give our social media a more “personal” touch, I trained the staff to create higher-quality social media content so they could post team about team events, photos, and educational content.

The team is humming along and the week over week results for the firm are improving, unlocking incredible marketing potential for the future.

From Stalled Progress to Full Steam Ahead

This Virginia-based law firm had been doing fantastic in their local market. Their website was well optimized and traffic was always increasing, but the law firm saw few qualified leads from their website. Most of their website traffic was coming from out-of-state, and there hadn’t been much growth beyond their current office locations.

I started at the firm with the aim to increase the firms local footprint beyond their two major Google Business listings. To achieve this goal, I created new website copy to appeal to broader audiences (and also capture Google’s attention). Along with their current SEO team, we implemented a stronger geo-based strategy to grow in our targeted locations.

In addition, I took over managing the law firm’s freelance marketing coordinator and assisted them in completing marketing campaigns, creating higher-quality social media content, and sending newsletters.