Sharp Cookie

Digital & Print Event Marketing

While working as marketing director for Great Legal Marketing, I created and maintained multiple landing pages and sales pages for the company’s events.

The primary goal of these pages was to increase registration and provide information to current registrants. Additionally, I created digital properties to support event operations and streamline registration and resource delivery.

Heroes and Icons Summit

The Great Legal Marketing Summit is the company’s flagship event. This event regularly attracts 200+ attendees (law firm owners and their staff), and the event was where the company debuted new programs and products the attendees can use to improve their law firm marketing and operations.

I was responsible for developing the marketing campaigns and materials used to sell event tickets and to increase awareness of the event in the legal community. This included:

  • Designing and developing all online properties, including event landing pages, ticket order forms, and digital ads
  • Deployed marketing campaigns designed to increase referrals from current/former attendees to expose the event to new audiences
  • Designed and developed print materials to market the event, including sales letters, order forms, and other print materials.

In addition to running the marketing for the Great Legal Marketing Summit, I also was a regular speaker at these events. Generally, I spoke about digital marketing for attorneys. In after event surveys, I was often named as a “favorite” speaker.

The Bull Market Law Firm & Other Digital Events

Great Legal Marketing regularly hosted online events, including paid virtual events like the Bull Market Law Firm.

I acted as the technical officer for all these events. I created landing pages, order forms, and also set up the technology needed to host these virtual events.

One important step I took with all these virtual events was making sure the “upsell” was in place. Many of the smaller virtual events were also vehicles to promote the company’s membership programs, so each event needed to be designed to push for the next sale. For all these events, I ensured the marketing systems were in place to push the company’s core programs.