Sharp Cookie

Ben Glass Law

BenGlassLaw is a personal injury and long-term disability law firm based in Fairfax, Virginia. I worked alongside Ben Glass to create marketing campaigns to attract new clients to the law firm.

Search Engine Optimization

In 2015 I was tasked to improve the search engine rankings of My initial content strategy was to focus on long-tail keywords to increase traffic. Over the next five years, I increased organic web traffic to the site by over 65%.

Until early 2021, I acted as BenGlassLaw’s technology officer and website administrator. Between 2016 and January 2021, I wrote most of the content published on the law firm’s site. In addition to contributing to the site’s keyword strategy, I also worked to get new backlinks for the website through a combination of local outreach and directory management.

Online Lead Generation

GetItSettled University is a webinar-based digital marketing campaign used to attract new clients for a BenGlassLaw. This campaign was promoted using social media and Google pay-per-click.

This webinar had documented success in attracting and converting law firm clients, and the ROI was estimated to be over 400%.

The webinar campaign was originally created in 2017 and refined over the next several years. The webinar’s prominence in the law firm’s marketing grew until it became one of the central offers in the company’s pay-per-click campaign.

I spearheaded the webinar launch, including writing marketing copy, creating the landing page, and setting up the webinar using WebinarJam.

Google Ads & Pay-Per-Click

BenGlassLaw wanted a Google Ads campaign to drive traffic to their website. The biggest challenge with this project was homing in on the right keywords for the law firm. While there were many keywords that the law firm could use, the law firm wanted to ensure they would only get website traffic from the right potential clients.

After keyword selection was in place, I refined this campaign by setting bid adjustments (when the company wasn’t using SmartBidding), improving the landing page experience, and other campaign optimizations.

The PPC campaign resulted in a HUGE return on investment for the law firm, with the initial results manifesting in the first 30 days of the Google Ads campaign launch.