The Great Legal Marketing Membership Website

After years of using an inferior membership website, the company decided to move all their content to a Memberium membership website. This website was built on WordPress and has several membership levels. Memberium is connected to Infusionsoft, and I built and designed all campaigns for this website.

The Prosperous Healer Blog

This is a simple blog updated from a much older version of WordPress. The client had accumulated social likes and shares reflected on the social media buttons on her page that she did not want to lose. I successful updated the website and preserved the “social proof” she had accumulated. After the update, we did some CSS style updates per … Read More

Minimalist Journeys

I was hired to help make changes to this website. Many of the changes included adding a landing page where leads could join the mailing list, and updating images of the website. This is a long-term project, and since late 2016 I have made many changes to the theme to accommodate the website owners wishes including adding a “You may … Read More