What to do if you don’t have natural light

It is still possible to have awesome lighting indoors without any natural light. Some things to keep in mind to make this work is:

  • Use only white light (not warm lighting) as much as you can: There are usually 3 categories of lighting: warm light, white light, and cool light. The best lighting to use for filming is white light, as it best mimics natural light. If you don’t have white light, then opt for cool light instead. The reason for this is that cool light can more easily be edited afterwards to make it look like white light. The issue comes with warm light, as it ends up not looking great on camera and it is the hardest type of light to edit afterward. Most of the time people need to turn off their warm overhead lighting, even if that makes the room feel dark, and just use their ring light and any natural light instead.
  • Position your ring light behind your phone, facing head on: When using one ring light, the best way to utilize that light is to position it either behind your camera or right in line with it. Make sure the light is shining directly on your face. If you wear glasses, make sure the glare of the ring light isn’t showing in your glasses, or take them off entirely to avoid the glare while filming. If you have multiple ring lights, they can be set up to the left and right of your camera as well as the center light.