Why All Businesses Should Invest in Direct Mail

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Social media has made advertising cheap and dynamic. There is a direct feedback loop; you can see people “like” and even share your ad. It is a great way to get exposure to a large audience, without depending on the ad department of your local newspaper.

As we spend more time with our online devices, old media that have been neglected have suddenly regained their marketing power. Many large companies embrace this. Think of all the mail you get from local car lots and grocery store. These print materials work to bring in new customers consistently, which is why these companies invest in the expense.

Small businesses can capitalize on direct mail while keeping the expense low. You don’t want to send out a postcard to everyone in your community that just focuses on your “brand.” True brand marketing is expensive, and it does not provide immediate results. Companies with hundreds of thousands of dollars can afford brand marketing. But, if you are just starting with your marketing, it is better to start with direct response marketing.

To send out a successful postcard, start with a goal in mind. For example, let say you want to increase new clients walking into your business by 30% in the two months after the postcards arrive in mailboxes. This kind of goal is ideal because it is specific, trackable, and ambitious.

Once you have a marketing goal, you can start designing your postcard. As you are selecting the design of your card, keep in mind that you need to track how well your postcard performs.

Tracking is one of the most important parts of any marketing effort. You need to be able to track every call or website visit generated by that postcard. Ideally, you will be able to link each customer brought in by your postcard. All marketing is an investment, and you want to understand what your return on investment is for each marketing piece.

Once your card is launched, evaluate how it performs and how it can be improved. If you track all the leads coming from online marketing and your direct mail marketing, discover which source brings in the most clients, and how much those clients spend at your business over time.

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